Saturday, February 14, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 6

(Mall announcement: ...Thank you for coming to Big Site Mall...)

Chieri: Eh, Hora...
Mika: Chieri chan~ This way! Here!
Kanako: Waa~ We're so close to the stage!
Ranko: This is a true carnival... Soon a battle will be taken place here.
Mika: We'll go back to the waiting room before the event ends, got it?
KanakoChieri: Yes!
Ranko: Hmm.
Mika: Then I'll bring some beverages. What do you want to drink?
Kanako: Anything will do.
Chieri: Well, we'd like to do it for you...
Mika: Really? Then I leave it to you~
Kanako: Is coke OK, Mika san?
Mika: Yeah!
Kanako: How about Ranko chan...?
Ranko: Holy water of pitch blackness will suffice.
Kanako: You mean... Ah! You want coke too!
Ranko: Hmm. My thanks to you, friend.
Kanako: Ehe, you want black tea, Chieri chan?
Chieri: Yeah!
Kanako: Then I'll be back in a minute~

(Kanako exits)

Mika: Look, it bothered me for some time. Are you always like that, Ranko chan?
Ranko: Hee! M, me..?
Mika: Oh, you can talk normally!
Ranko: Well, I... Hhh, I'm embarrassed...
Mika: You're quite bashful? Fufu. By the way, How do you feel, you two?
Chieri: ...?
Ranko: Whereabout of the fountain in my mind?
Mika: See, Ranko chan and Chierei chan are going to make CD debuts someday. And maybe you'll hold events here?
Chieri: Ah, yes... But, it's like... It feels unreal... Even when I met those three, it felt like they were living in a different world... Ah, sorry... That was absurd...
Mika: There is nothing wrong about it! It took me quite some time until It felt real.
Chieri: Ah, really?
Mika: Yes! Well, keep working and you'll notice at some point.
Chieri: Ah... I see. Hehehe, I feel a little better.
Mika: Hey, how about you, Ranko chan?
Ranko: Aat! Ah.. Eh... You mean...How do I feel...?
Mika: Yes, feeling!
Ranko: Hh... So... If this battleground is chosen by my fate, I'll get over the ordeal!
Chieri: Waa~
Mika: Waa, Ranko chan, you're great~
Ranko: Hh..Hhhh.... Khkhkh... I shall polish the magic to let the underworld know my forbidden Grimoire!
Chieri: Ranko chan! Everybody is watching, watching us!
Ranko: Hahh! Hhaaa...
Mika: Haha. But it's good to see her desire.


Kanako: I'm back..
Chieri: Kanako chan, you're... back.
Kanako: Ah, this is for you, Mika san.
Mika: Thank you... Huh? You seem out of heart?
Kanako: Ah, well... Kirari chan is...
Mika: Kirari chan? What happened?


(Mall announcement: ...Thank you for coming to Big Site Mall...)

Mika: She must be near... Ah, there she is!
Kirari: Hh...
Mika: Kirari chan, what's wrong?
Kirari: Mika chan!
Mika: Kanako chan was worried about you. She said you didn't want to follow her. What happened?
Kirari: Well... Kirari will interrupt everyone if she stands near the stage...
Mika: Interrupt? How?
Kirari: Kirari is big... if she watches the concert near the stage, people who came to see the concert may not see anything. So I thought I'd better move to the rear...
Mika: ...Let's go
Kirari: M,Mika chan! Didn't you listen to Kirari?
Mika: You don't need to care about that.
Kirari: B, but...
Mika: It's your colleague's important debut. They will be happy if you watch their performance closely.
Kirari: Hh...
Mika: On the top of that, there is nothing to lose by showing yourself. Everyone becomes your friend!
Kirari: Hee, Hehe, Yeah! OK then, let's go back with Kirarin Dash!!!

(Kirari starts running)

Mika: Kirari chan, wait! You're too fast~
Kanako: Waa, Kirari chan is here!
Chieri: Mika san is so reliable and so great...
Ranko: She is a woman of destiny.
Kirari: I've arrived! Ahaha~
Kanako: Hehe, Kirari chan, let's watch it together!
Kirari: Hnhh, Yeah!
Mika: Ha, she is suddenly full of energy... Anyway, I'm glad we're not late. Now, all we have to do is wait for them to start!
Chieri: Ah, but...
Mika: Hmm? Again?
Chieri: Riina chan hasn't come back from the restroom...
Kirari: Did she get lost~?
Mika: Oh gosh... All of you, stay here. I'll go find her!
Kirari: Go girl~
Kanako: Chieri chan, let's become a charismatic idol like Mika san!
Chieri: Y, yeah!
Ranko: So cool...!

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