Friday, February 6, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 5

Kanako: Yum... Haa~ This cheese cake is delicious, Chieri chan!
Chieri: Yeah, black tea is tasty too. It's so peaceful that I can't believe we are in a company.
Kanako: I know! Cakes and black tea can be eaten anytime, I am glad I am an idol~
Chieri: I see.
Riina: A cinnamon roll... No, but...
Chieri: Eh, Kanako chan, well...
Kanako: What is it?
Chieri: Well, at the entrance...
Kanako: The entrance? Ah, that's Riina chan! Hey~ Riina chan!
Riina: Ugh, stop yelling my name. Everyone is watching me, please!


Riina: You made me embarrassed. Calling me loudly...
Kanako: Sorry, Riina chan. But I was glad to see you and wanted to have some tea together.
Riina: Well, that's alright but...
Chieri: W, well!
Riina: Hmm? What?
Chieri: I mean, well... H,How are...
Riina: You know, don't be so scared. I'm not violent or anything. Well, anyway. Hi.
Chieri: How are you!
Kanako: Riina chan looks cold, but actually she is a good person!
Riina: I didn't expect Mimura san talks straight...
Nana: Sorry to keep you waiting! What would you like to order?
Kanako: Ah, I was waiting for you! 3 cinnamon cakes, no...4. I mean, 5 more cakes..!
Riina: Wait, why did you order 5 pieces?! There are only three of us?
Kanako: Well, one for Riina chan and one for Chieri chan and... The others are mine!
Riina: Look, don't you think that's too much?
Kanako: Is it?
Nana: Do you want to change your order?
Kanako: Ah, it's fine. Thank you.
Nana: Alright, thank you! Then wait for a... Ah! I forgot!
Riina: What's going on? Why did you yell?
Nana: Please, come closer for a moment. Quick, quick!
Kanako,Riina,Chieri: ...?
Nana: So, you are from Cinderella project that everybody is talking about?
Chieri: Uhh, yes... Although I'm not sure they're talking about us...
Nana: No,no. You girls are really famous. Every one of Idols from 346 is, including me, excited about you! We wonder about the project and the members!
Kanako: Ehh? You are an idol like us?
Nana: Sure! To make a living, I am doing a part time job he... I mean, forget about that! Ah, can I sit here for a moment? Ok. My name is Abe Nana, an eternal 17 year old from planet Usamin! Kyaha
Chieri: Uh, so... A 17 year old means...
Kanako: You're a high school student?
Nana: Yeah! Nana is...a JK! JK!
Riina: J...K...?
Nana: Wait! Why are you giving me a suspicious glance? Nana is absolutely a high school student, no matter what!?
Chieri: I see. I thought you are older... Sorry.
Kanako: Hehe, nice to meet you, Nana chan!
Nana: Yeah! Nice to meet you! And...
Riina: Nice to meet you.
Nana: Yes! Nice to meet you! Ah, and so... I have a question for you.
Kanako: A question?
Nana: Yeah! Well, it's so sudden... but how is Cinderella project!? I heard some units were chosen  all of a sudden to make a CD debut...
Kanako: Ah, that's true! Including new members!
Nana: So the rumor was true... Khh~! They appeared at the Mika chan's live concert as guests , I envy them so much~!
Kanako,Riina,Chieri:  Ah...
Chieri: Ah, look, is it that hard to appear at a live concert?
Nana: Eet~? Of couruse! It's a live concert! L.I.V.E! On the top of that, it was a concert with Mika chan who has huge popularity. It's hard to be there even as an audience!
Kanako: I see...
Nana: Clearly Cinderella project was not an expected project for nothing. Good for them~ Nana wants to have a lot of work too!
Kanako,Riina,Chieri: Ah...
Nana: Ah, sorry! I talked to myself too long... Ok! 5 cinnamon cakes, right? I'll bring it to you soon.

(Nana stands up)

Kanako: Ah! Nana chan!
Nana: What is it?
Kanako: Well... Could you just bring 3 cakes?
Nana: Three? No problem! Then wait for a minute~

(Nana walks away)

Nana: We have an order!
Chieri: Kanako chan, are you ok with a slice of cake?
Kanako: Ah, y,yes. You know, since I want to get a chance, maybe I should go on a diet a little so I can appear at a concert. Ehehe.
Kanako: Kanako chan, you are awesome. I'll try to overcome my shyness too...
Riina: Not bad! That's the spirit.
Kanako: Eht, Thank you Riina chan! I think Riina chan is actually a really good person.
Riina: Ugh, what do you mean? I'm just me. I only follow the way of rock.
Nana: Sorry for taking so long! Here is your cinnamon cakes.
Chieri: Waa, it looks delicious!
Kanako: Riina chan, let's eat!
Riina: Hey, were you even listening? Anyway... I want coffee, not black tea.
Kanako: Ok! But, it's really tasty... I could just eat one more... Nana chan! I want one more cake!
RiinaChieri: Eeh!
Riina: Wait, you just said something very touching!
Kanako: What? But instead of two more cakes, I ordered one more cake. It's still fine.
Riina: No, I don't think so.
Kanako: Eh? But the cake is so good.
Riina: Usually when people are on a diet, they eat less and cut out cakes.
Kanako: They do...?
Nana: Alright! Here is your cake! Hora, what's the problem?
Chieri: It, it's fine. Well, after listening to Usamin san, we thought we should try hard so... If there is an opportunity, we should seize it.
Nana: You're right! Keeping your integrity... I mean, to achieve your goal, you need persistence and effort to grab a chance!
Chieri: Waa... Usamin san's word has a depth!
Nana: Eh! Ah, no... Nana is a JK, so there is no depth! That was just a common opinion, Eh, Uh.. Nana is! an eternal 17 year old~!


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