Sunday, February 8, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour ep 5
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Mizuki: Hello everyone. Welcome to midnight tea time! This radio invites new guests from 346 production every week and I have a conversation with them. Last month's host Kaede... I mean... Takagaki Kaede san was replaced by me, Kawashima Mizuki. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow, it's a short time but I hope I can have a good time with you.
Mizuki: Then let's start Magime, short for Magic Hour Mail. It seems we've got a story already. This is an e-mail story from radio name "Yellow tale versus devil´s-tongue jelly". "Kawashima san, Magihour!" Yes, Magihour. "I want to be an actor. Kawashima san is a senior of the industry and from Osaka province. I want to listen to your tongue twister in Kansai dialect." It's tough from the beginning. But if Mizuki steps back from this, it's a disgrace for idols! Fufu, here I go! She sells sea shells by the sea shore. Fu~ I'm not sure I spoke in Kansai dialect properly. But now you know my unique former experience as an announcer is not a bluff? This has been Magime corner. we wait your stories.
Mizuki: Now, let's meet our guests. Please introduce yourselves!
Yuko: Mmmh~! It's here, right here! Hori Yuko's Magihour has begun!
Mizuki: Alright. Nice to meet you, Yuko. And!
Sanae: Magihour everyone~ This is Kitagiri Sanae, 18 years old! Nice to meet you!
Mizuki: W, wait. Stop that! And that's my gimmick!
Sanae: Hmm? I don't get it~
Yuko: Sanae san. You are 28, aren't you?
Sanae: You there, don't mention the definite age. Mizuki and I are elastic 28 year old idols. So if you listeners dare call us hags, I'm going to beat your ass with Yuko's psychic power!
Mizuki: Ugh! Why... Why do I have to feel pain too...? Nice to meet you, Sanae.
Sanae: There there! Come to your senses and move on.
Mizuki: Y, yes... Today, we are going to have a conversation with Hori Yuko and Kitagiri Sanae who successfully completed the traffic safety event. And now it's Beverage corner of the tea time...
Yuko: I brought water!
Sanae: I brought this foamy "beverage" which is made out of barley.
Yuko: That's evidently bee...
Sanae: Be quiet~ It's barley tea for adults.
Mizuki: Haha... Eh, ok then...
All: Cheers!
Sanae: Gulp Gulp...
Mizuki: Huh? Oh, oh...
Sanae: Puha~!
Mizuki: L, let's move on to the next corner!
Mizuki: Alright, It's Magic Minute corner. Two guests are going to have a talk for a minute. To cast a magic, you need to talk of today's topic within one minute. If you make it in a minute, you may use the rest of the time to promote your show or announce other informations or whatever you like. Pick up an assignment from this box.
Yuko: Here I go! Psychic~ Clairvoyance!
Mizuki: ChagaChagaChaga~ Tada! What's your topic?
Yuko: 'A happy event' I see...
Sanae: I'm counting on you, Yuko!
Mizuki: That's a nice topic. Then tell us about your happy event for a minute!
Yuko: Not long ago, Sanae san and Oikawa shizuku san and I had an event...
Sanae: You mean the traffic safety event at the shopping mall.
Yuko: Yeah! In there... I lost control of my psychic power and caused a little accident...
Sanae: A... little...?
Yuko: Y, yes... I was happy to show my psychic power to everyone who was in the shopping mall!
Mizuki: Nice~
Yuko: But that's not the end!
Mizuki: Hmm?
Yuko: A little girl at the event said "I want to be like you"! I think that was the latest and the happiest event ~ Ehehe.
Mizuki: Hmm! Indeed, that's a good story. Now, the judgement is?
Mizuki: Mmm! It was a truly nice talk that made us fall under a spell. Great success!
Sanae: You made it!
Yuko: Fufufu! Nothing makes me happier than being admired by children!
Mizuki: I want to be someone who is admired now and forever. This has been Magic Minute corner.
Mizuki: Now, since you passed Magic Minute, we can have Guest Talk Time.
Yuko: Can I talk about anything!?
Mizuki: Show promotions, announcements, a free conversation, everything is fine.
Sanae: I wish I had some eatables~
Yuko: Sanae san!? Well... Dear listeners, don't judge her too quickly. Sanae san is actually a great person! Although she looks like a drunkard sometimes.
Sanae: What~ Flattery won't get you anywhere~ Do you want me to show you my sexy body like Shizuku did?
Mizuki: Arrah? My sexy body is second to none!?
Yuko: Well, I don't mind. But it's of no use to do it on a radio.
Sanae: That's sad~
Mizuki: And what is so great about Sanae?
Yuko: Ah, right! Sanae san is so good at entertainment show! She has a good sense of humor which is powerful as Kansai aunties's wits.
Sanae: What was that for?
Yuko: We're going to have various kinds of work, but when it comes to entertainment shows, you can count on Sanae san! And a beautiful psychic girl Yuko is waiting for gravure model work~
Sanae: I can be a gravure model with my body~
Mizuki: I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical hour passed quickly. Now it's time to say goodbye.
Yuko: Already!? I have so many things to say! My psychic power hasn't been shown yet!
Sanae: That was really fast. I still need alcohol! A couple of bottles of beer are just the beginning
Yuko: A couple of bottles? How?
Sanae: I want to drink more!
Mizuki: Alright alright, let's have an after party. OK, midnight tea time, Magic hour. I'm your host Kawashima Mizuki. And today's tea time was delightful thanks to...
Yuko: Everyone, Magihour! This is Hori Yuko and...
Sanae: Magihour. This is Kitagiri Sanae.
Mizuki: I hope you have fallen under our spell...
All: Bye Bye~

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