Saturday, February 21, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour ep 7
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Mizuki: Hello everyone. Welcome to midnight tea time! This radio invites new guests from 346 production every week and I have a conversation with them. This month's host is me, Kawashima Mizuki. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow, it's a short time but I hope I can have a good time with you.
Mizuki: Then let's start Magime, short for Magic Hour Mail. We've received an e-mail story from radio name “I like Hiroshima style". It says "Kawashima san, Magihour!" Yes, Magihour. "I heard Kawashima san is from Osaka and strict with okonomiyaki. What is your favorite ingredient?" That's a pointed question. When it comes to flour-based foods, I'm the best in the idol industry and you asked me about otokomiyaki. First of all, flour-based foods are composite arts. You can choose ingredients generously. Vegetables, meats, fish and shellfish, rice cakes, cheese, everything is possible. My favorite one is beef tendons. Its rich collagen is good for your skin. And spring onions! Fill it with spring onions! And... Hmm? What? Make it quick? Sometimes it's necessary to talk at length. Anyway, you can put any ingredients in it, but the most important part is the sauce. You need to be stubborn about the sauce. There are various kinds of sauce, so try them one by one until you master the way of sauce! Well, in conclusion, do whatever you like depending on your taste. Because life is freedom. But... but no matter what you use... the most delicious meal is the meal with someone you like! Ahahah! Haha... Dehe~ This has been Magime corner. I wait your stories.
Mizuki: Then let's meet our guests for the tea time. Please introduce yourselves!
Shizuku: Magihour. This is Oikawa Shizuku~ Pa, I'll make sure to publicize Oikawa ranch! Eh... People say I'm a relaxed girl who likes cow. I'm Oikawa Shizuku. Since this is my first time on a radio, I'm really nervous~
Mizuki: Yes, Shizuku. Nice to meet you. Promoting your ranch out of the blue, not bad~ And?
Aki: Magihour, salute! This is a military idol, Yamato Aki! Too bad I can't show my trained muscles to you...
Mizuki: Nice to meet you Aki. Salute! We have Oikawa Shizuku and Yamato Aki today. They are 105cm and 92cm each... They are big! So I'll run the radio in a sexy mood. By the way, my bust size is 86cm! Though I say it, even though mine's smaller, they are in a good shape. Fufu, fufufu... Anyway, it's Beverage corner of the tea time...
Shizuku: I choose fresh milk from Oikawa ranch, of course~
Aki: Then I'll mix some protein powder and milk to make protein drink!
Mizuki: Oh, both of you are very liberal. And...
All: Cheers~!
Mizuki: Let's move on to the next corner!
Mizuki: Alright, It's Magic Minute corner. Two guests are going to have a talk for a minute. To cast a magic, you need to talk of today's topic within one minute. If you make it, you may use the rest of the time to promote your show or announce other information or whatever you like. Pick up an assignment from this box.
Shizuku: I'll do it~
Mizuki: Tada! What's the topic?
Shizuku: It's "But the truth is..."
Aki: Hmm... Who's going to talk? Me or Shizuku?
Mizuki: It doesn't matter. Now, tell us about "But the truth is..." for a minute!
Shizuku: Ah.. Aaa, what should we do?
Aki: So be it. Leave it to me!
Shizuku: Waa, you're trustworthy~
Aki: Few days ago, Shizuku here was in a traffic safety event...
Shizuku: Yes I was~ I showed myself as a police officer~
Aki: But... the truth is, Shizuku is an idol who is far from safety!
Mizuki: Oh my... Dangerous to be an idol?
Aki: An idol who shows her breast is too dangerous from the educational point of view!
Shizuku: Ah, that's true~ The button of my shirts flew away... That was a close call! I held my shirts tightly but it stuck out a bit and...
Mizuki: Aaa, stop, stop! If you say more, it would be a really dangerous story. What she is  trying to say is, it looked safe but actually it wasn't. Now the judgement is...?
Mizuki: Ah... Hmm.. I see... Of course it's Boo-boo... I know.
Aki: Khh! It misfired...
Shizuku: I'm so sound~
Aki: Guilty...
Mizuki: Yeah... Anyway, This has been Magic Minute corner.
Mizuki: If you had passed Magic Minute, we could have a guest talk by now...but...
Shizuku: Eh~ We can't talk then~?
Mizuki: Well, rules are rules...
Aki: I'm sure we can convey something without saying too much!
Mizuki: That's not possible on a radio.
Shizuku: That's a shame~
Aki: Isn't there a last chance? It's common in any entertainment shows?
Mizuki: Magic Hour is not an entertainment show. It's a radio program that cast a spell at night. People listen to our talk peacefully and feel happy.
Shizuku: I see~
Mizuki: I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical hour passed quickly. Now it's time to say goodbye.
Shizuku: Already~? I wanted to talk a lot more~
Aki: I feel the same way.
Mizuki: Take an active part in your work and polish up your speaking skill so you can appear in various kinds of programs. I'll teach you if you want. OK, midnight tea time, Magic hour. I'm your host Kawashima Mizuki. And today's tea time was delightful thanks to...
Shizuku: Magihour~ This is Oikawa Shizuku and~
Aki: Magihour! This is Yamato Aki!
Mizuki: I hope you have fallen under our spell...
All: Bye bye~

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