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Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour ep 4
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Kaede: Welcome to Magic Hour's Tea Time. Hello everyone. I am glad you are here. This radio invites new guests from 346 production every week and I have a conversation with them. This month's host is me, Takagaki Kaede. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow, it's a short time but I hope I can have a good time with you.


Kaede: Then let's start Magime, short for Magic Hour Mail. This is an e-mail story from radio name ‘Ito Devil's-tongue jelly'. "Kaede san, Magihour!" Yes, Magihour. "I've got a cold lately and I heard nutritious foods can help fight off a cold. Do you have any suggestions, Kaede san?" Foods that fight a cold... Well... Hmm... When it comes to fighting a cold, I suggest Unshiu oranges. Not Ehime, Unshiu oranges. And...Pickled Japanese apricot is also good. If you don't like sour taste, you can try sweet pickled Japanese apricot with honey. Also... Yakitori roasted over charcoal is a great choice. Yes, they are all speciality foods of Wakayama province. Sometimes I need to remind you of my hometown so you won't forget it. Fufufu. This has been Magime corner. We wait your stories.


Kaede: Now, let's meet our guests. Welcome! Both of you.
Akane: Magi, Hour! This is Hino Akane! Nice to meet you!
Kaede: Nice to meet you Akane. And...
Mika: Magihour everyone~ This is Jougasaki Mika. Nice to meet you~
Kaede: OK~ Today, we are going to have a tea time with Hino Akane and Jougasaki Mika.
Akane: Hya~ It's just started and I'm thirsty already!
Kaede: Fufu. Now, it's Beverage corner of the tea time. Akane chose green tea, and Mika?
Mika: Ah, mineral water would be fine for me~
Kaede: Then. Cheers~!
Akane:&Mika: Yay~!
Kaede: Now we drank a toast, let's move on to the next corner.


Kaede: All right, It's Magic Minute corner. Two guests are going to have a talk for a minute. To cast a magic, you need to talk of today's topic within one minute. If you make it in a minute, you may use the rest of the time to promote your show or announce other information or whatever you like.
Akane: Can we share a same topic?
Kaede: That’s often the case these days. If Akane and Mika want to do it together, that's fine. Of course you can still talk respectively. Ok then, pick up an assignment from this box. 
Akane: Here I go~!
Mika: You are energetic, Akane. But make sure to pick only one assignment!
Kaede: Tada! What did you choose, Akane?
Akane: It's a...! S..scary story!?
Mika: Heeek!?
Kaede: Hmm~ I see... Then tell us about Akane and Mika's scary story.
Akane: Mika is good at telling s,scary stories... I'll leave it to her!
Mika: Ehh? A, ahah... OK, I got this. It happened in the production few days ago... That day, I was checking my outfit in the studio. And when you check outfits you have a naked face, right? Dressers and Make-up staffs were all women, so I was off my guard.
Akane: Ho,ho.
Mika: But then the door suddenly opened, there stood a male staff~! Kyaa~!
Akane: Hue~!?
Mika: So I was scared to show my naked face to the guy. The end.
Kaede: OK, time is up. That was a story that Mika would feel scared for sure. And the judgement is...?

Kaede: Well~ After a long thinking, they thought it was a little bit weak. Akane, Mika. I am afraid you've failed Magic Talk.
Akane: It can't be!?
Mika: Revealing a naked face is scary! No makeup! Gyaru's naked face, it's embarrassing~
Kaede: Maybe it was a bit hard to understand. So, This has been Magic Minute corner. Cheer up you two, and do your best till the end of the radio.
Mika: Yes~ Ah, I am depressed...
Kaede: But the ending is near. There is not much time left.
Akane: Really!? Time really flies!
Kaede: Yes. Sorry. Mika wanted to talk about the previous live concert, didn't you?
Mika: Well... but I failed in the mission...
Akane: Mika! Don't be disappointed! I like your story! Although it wasn't scary!
Kaede: Fufufu. You are right. It wasn't scary.
Mika: Seriously? That would have killed me~ Ah! Let me just say this! Those three backup dancers at the concert, they really have a huge potential. Check them out!
Akane: I agree! They had a good teamwork!
Mika: Yes. I also felt the good vibes from them. Cinderella Project... I'm sure we'll see more talented idols soon.
Kaede: Fufu, I'm looking forward to it. Now, it's a pleasant tea time, but the magical hour passed quickly. It's time to say goodbye already.
Mika: Aah~ I wanted to talk more~...
Akane: Me too! But I enjoyed it a lot!
Kaede: The midnight Tea Time, Magic Hour. I was your host Takagaki kaede. Now I hand over this place to somebody else. From next month... A wonderful woman, who some of you might already know will take my place. You can look forward to her. And tonight's tea time could shine thanks to...
Akane: Everyone, this has been Magihour! I am Hino Akane...
Mika: Magihour~ This is Jougasaki Mika
Kaede: I hope you have fallen under our spell... 
All: Bye Bye~

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