Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour ep 2

Kaede: Welcome to Magic Hour's Tea Time. Hello everyone. I am glad you are here. This radio invites new guests from 346 production every week and I have a conversation with them. This month's host is me, Takagaki Kaede. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow, it's a short time but I hope I can have a good time with you.

Kaede: Then Let's start Magime, short for Magic Hour Mail. This is an e-mail story from radio name 'Lonely man'. "Magihour" Yes, Magihour. "I am not used to be friends with others. What should I do?" Yeah, I understand your feeling. I wasn't good at talking and was scared of strangers before I became an idol. But as I entered this industry, I thought this way. "I am going to let everyone know me. And I am going to take an interest in fans who are interested in me." So frist you need to have the will to approach people, then get to know about them. I think that's the important part. That was Magime corner. Do you think it was a diligent time just like the name of the corner?(Magime,真面目 also means diligent) We wait your stories.


Kaede: Then let's meet our guests. Welcome, both of you.
Chie: Y, Yes! Ah, I am so nervous. Magihour. This is Sasaki Chie. Nice to meet you!
Kaede: All right, nice to meet you Chie chan. And...
Haruna: Yes! This is Kamijo Haruna with my trademark, shiny glasses! Although you can't see them cause it's radio. Magihour!
Kaede: Yes, Magihour. Today, we are going to have a tea time with Sasaki Chie and Kamijo Haruna who are from the unit 'Blue Napoleon'.
Chie: Chie... is too nervous, my heart is pounding...
Kaede: Fufu, Chie chan. I'll cut you some slack.
Chie: Ok...! Thank you...
Haruna: Kaede san, please be generous when you judge our talk in the next corner.
Kaede: Haruna is shrewd. Then let's start the next corner.


Kaede: All right, It's Magic Minute corner. Two guests are going to have a talk for a minute. To cast a magic, you need to talk of today's topic within one minute. If you make it in a minute, you may use the rest of the time to promote your show or announce other informations or whatever you like.
Chie: Chie..isn't sure...
Kaede: It will be fine. Since the explanation is over, let's choose the assignment. Pick up an assignment from this box. 
Chie: Well... Can I pick it up with Haruna san?
Haruna: Chie chan?
Chie: C,can't I..?
Kaede: Fufu, fine. I'll specially allow you to have Magic Minute Talk together. 
Chie: Really? Waa~
Haruna: Chie, let's do our best!
Kaede: Then pick an assignment. chakachakachaka...Tada! Your topic is...
Chie: Eh...
Haruna: One, Two...!
Chie&Haruna: A little heartwarming story!
Kaede: I see~ Then tell us about Chie and Haruna's a little heartwarming story.
Haruna: It's hard to think of a story that we both appear
Chie: Ah! Chie has one!
Haruna: Eh?
Chie: Chie and her unit had a Gravia photo shoot the other day...
Haruna: You mean Blue Napoleon!
Chie: Chie was overstrained then, but Haruna san taught me how to loose up.
Haruna: Ah! The glasses, right?
Chie: Yeah. Thanks to Haruna san, I relieved the tension and managed to do the photo shoot. Hina san, Sarina san and other staffs also looked after me.
Kaede: All right, time is up. The story was cute as Chie.


Kaede: And~ Chie, Haruna. You passed the Magic Talk!
Chie: Thank god...
Haruna: We made it, Chie!
Kaede: You did well. That was Magic Minute corner. You two can use the rest of the time as you like.
Haruna: Can I keep talking about glasses then!?
Kaede: ...But there is not much time left. The ending is almost near.
Chie: Oh my... I am starting to have fun. It's the end already?
Kaede: Yes. Sorry. Although I want to know your tension-relieving method with glasses...
Haruna: Mmm!? Are you interested in glasses, Kaede san?
Kaede: Ah, It's more about curiosity than interest. I just want to know how it works.
Chie: Chie was surprised when she told me.
Haruna: Fufufu... The secret is... Wearing glasses! If you are already wearing it, don't take it off like Hina san did.
Kaede: O, Ok...
Chie: Ah, Hina means Araki Hina san. By the way, Sarina san and Kawashima san who is really busy these days are Blue Napoleon too!
Kaede: I see.
Haruna: Anyway, Wearing glasses, you don't have to worry about vision! There is no cloudy future or murky tomorrow! Curiously enough, you are full of confidence!
Kaede: I...get it.
Haruna: That's right! Action speaks louder than words! Let's try it on!
Kaede: Ah, that's...
Haruna: Come on, Wear these glasses.
Kaede: Oh~
Chie: Haruna san's vogue word is finally came out!
Haruna: Khh~ Kaede san, You look so good! It's a pity that listeners can't see her!
Kaede: Ah..Thank you. I have a weakness for glasses(眼鏡には, It's a pun). Now, it's a pleasant tea time, but the magical hour passed quickly. It's time to say goodbye. 
Haruna: I have so much things to say yet! You want to wear them more, Kaede san? The glasses!
Chie: Fufufu.
Haruna: Do you want to wear them, Chie chan?
Chie: Chie's eyesight is fine...!
Kaede: Eh... We are still talking about glasses. Midnight Magic Hour's Tea Time, I am your host Takagaki kaede and...
Chie: Ah! Everyone, This is Magihour. Sasaki Chie...
Haruna: Magihour! Kamijo Haruna! I still have things to say but...
Kaede: I hope you have fallen under our spell...
All: Bye Bye~


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