Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Magic Hour ep 1


Kaede: Welcome to Magic Hour's Tea Time. Hello everyone. I am glad you are here. This radio invites new guests from 346 production every week and I have a conversation with them. This month's host is me, Takagaki Kaede. Magic Hour between today and tomorrow, it's a short time but I hope I can have a good time with you.

Kaede: Then Let's start Magime, short for Magic Hour Mail. This is an e-mail story from radio name 'Choco love'. "Kaede san, Magihour~" Yeah, Magihour~ "I am immersed in late night tv animations these days. What are you immersed into these days, Kaede san?" Hmm, these days? Well... Few days ago I watched a musical that one of our production member was appeared, It was so great. So I want to see more. Does it count as immersion? When I was young I didn't like musicals because they started singing with no reason. But now I find myself singing with no reason. Don't you sometimes want to sing like that? By the way, I recommend you to listen to 'Angel Breeze' sung by Kawasima san when you clean up your house. Just try it. We always wait your stories.

Kaede: It's time to meet our guests. Welcome, both of you.
Aiko: Magihour, everone. This is Takamori Aiko. I'd like to have a cozy tea time with you today. Nice to meet you.
Kaede: Nice to meet you, Aiko. And...
Airi: Mmm~
Kaede: Hmm?
Aiko: Look, Airi san. It's your turn.
Airi: Hmm? My turn? I did it again. This is Totoki Airi. Sorry to take my eyes off.
Aiko: Airi san, the slogan.
Airi: Ah, Magihour~
Kaede: Fufu, let's have a cozy tea time with Aiko and Airi.
Airi: I feel ashamed, it's been awhile since I appeared in radio.
Kaede: Fufu, you are always living in your world and cute, it looks adorable.
Airi: Eh~ Really?
Aiko: Yes, of course.
Kaede: Then I am counting on you to succeed in the next corner.
Airi: Next corner?
Kaede: Yes~ It's Magic Minute corner. Two guests are going to have a talk for a minute. To cast a magic, you need to talk of today's topic within one minute.
Airi: Eh~ Only one minute?
Aiko: We might exceed the time limit.
Airi: And what happens when we make it?
Kaede: If you make it with in a minute, you can use the rest of the time as you like.
Aiko: You mean... I can promote my show?
Kaede: Yes, of course. Show promotion, personal announcement, tea time talk, everything is allowed.
Airi: I see~ Then I'll do my best.
Kaede: Since the explanation is over, let's choose the assignment. Pick an assignment from this box. Tada~ Aiko chan first!
Aiko: Ok, my topic is... perplexed story. Perplexed story... Mmm~ I wonder...
Kaede: It's Aiko's Magic Minute, perplexed story.
Aiko: Well... I am perplexed right now... Mmm, perplexed story... I can just tell my experience, right?
Kaede: Sure~
Aiko: It was my day off. And I always go out for a walk on a free day. It was a perfect day for a walk because the weather was so nice. Then I found a wonderful cafe and decided to go inside.
Airi: Mmm, Mmm.
Aiko: The special menu of the cafe was soft and thick cheese cakes and fruit tarts for a limited period. They were all shining and look really delicious. So I was perplexed to choose one of them.
Kaede: Ok, time is up. It's hard to pick one when you have two nice choices. I, too, have difficulty in choosing between delicious sake and delicious plum wine. Fufufu.
Airi: Oh! You mean...?(Ding-Dong)Kaede: Good job, Aiko.
Aiko: Ha~ Thank god... I wasn't sure I could finish it in one minute. I am always relaxed.
Kaede: I am glad you made it.
Aiko: Thank you!
Airi: This corner is harder than I thought.
Kaede: Now it's your turn, Airi.
Airi: Eh~!? I am doing it too?
Kaede: Of course. Pick an assignment. Tada~ Here, Airi.
Airi: Alright~ Mmm... It says heart pounding story.
Aiko: Aiko san, you can do it!
Kaede: Then it's Airi's Magic Minute, heart pounding story.
Airi: Well, my heart is pounding now~ Ah! I danced in the last winter festival with Kaede san and others, my heart was knocking wildly...
Kaede: Yes, I felt the same way.
Airi: I was wearing a dress and while I was dancing, it slided down little by little... So my heart was pounding for fear of being stripped during the concert~ Ah, that's all.
Kaede: Ok, That was Airi's Magic Minute. That would make my heart pound for sure.(Ding-Dong)
Airi: Ah, it's...
Aiko: You did it, Airi san!
Kaede: Congratulation.Airi: I made it! I am not good at talking in a limited time... So I am happy.
Kaede: That was Maigc Minute corner. You two can use the rest of the time as you like.
Aiko: We've won, Airi san!
Airi: Yeah!
Kaede: But there is not much time left. The ending is almost near.
Airi: Eh~ I wanted to talk more...
Aiko: By the way, Airi san. It is really shocking that your dress was nearly taken off during the concert.
Kaede: Yes. I was on the same stage but didn't know you were in trouble.
Airi: Somehow my outfits are always small. Maybe it's just my imagination.
Aiko: Fufu, but it is just as well that you finished the winter festival without being stripped.
Airi: Yeah~ And the slogan of the festival was 'Destined encounter' so I thought it would be wonderful if our members and audiences felt the concert that way. 
Kaede: It would be nice if Magic Hour's Tea Time is also a part of our destiny.
Aiko: I agree. I became a host of a radio program lately, I've learned a lot of your technique today. It was really helpful.
Kaede: I am glad It was helpful. Talk show is cheap.(I can't translate her pun, so I made this up)
Airi: Talk show... cheap..? Ah~ Talk is cheap...
Aiko: Airi san, you shouldn't explain the pun.
Kaede: I don't want to spoil the fun, but the magical hour passed quickly. It's time to say goodbye. Midnight Magic Hour's Tea Time, I am your host Takagaki kaede and..,
Aiko: Everyone, Magihour! Takamori Aiko and...
Airi: Magihor~ Totoki Airi!
Kaede: I hope you have fallen under our spell...
All: Bye Bye~