Saturday, January 31, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 4

Mio: Hooray!
Uzuki: It's over!
Rin: Well done, everyone.
Mio: By the way, we didn't film our...
All: Uh... Ah~!
Mio: Ok, Shimamu first.
Uzuki: Eh~? Me first?
Rin: Uzuki is older than us.
Uzuki: Uh... You only treat me like an anechan in times like this...
Mio: Ahahahah. Come on, Shimamu. What's the difference? You need to be filmed anyway.
Uzuki: B,but... I am not sure of myself... I wasn't thinking about it at all...
Mio: It's fine. Now, Shimamu. Show yourself with your best smile!
Uzuki: Ehet! I... well... hnn... I'm Shimamura Uzuki! Nice to meet you! Ah... How was it?
Mio: Eh? That's it?
Rin: Don't you think it's too short?
Uzuki: B, But... It's too sudden, I can't think of anything...
Mio: We've filmed the footage all day long~
Uzuki: But it's different when the camera is looking at you...
Mio: Is that so... Hey, Shiburin. Give her some advice~
Rin: I think you can express yourself with your goal. And when you focus on something, you don't look elsewhere. I like that.
Uzuki: Really? Eheheh, I am happy~
Mio: Shimamu, there is no time to be shy. Look here, Take two. Start!
Uzuki: Eht, just like that?
Mio: The camera is rolling~
Uzuki: Um... OK~ haa... I'm Shimamura Uzuki! 17 years old! Well, I've dreamed of becoming an idol. So I entered an idol training school and took a lesson and had auditions and then... Now I am an idol... So to speak, I am really happy! Nice to meet you!
Mio: Shimamu, smile! smile!
Uzuki: Eheheh, V!
Mio: Cut~ As expected, Shimamu! You have a special kind of feeling that makes everyone root for you!
Uzuki: Really? Fufu, that's a relief!
Mio: Ok, it's Shiburin's turn.
Rin: All right.
Mio: Shimamu gave a stereotypical introduction, so let's have some fun this time.
Rin: H, how come? Why should I do that?
Mio: The more we draw attention to this, the better?
Rin: I don't think an attention like that... can help anything?
Mio: No, No. It's important. Now Shiburin, show yourself~
Rin: Eh, right now?
Uzuki: Rin chan, you can do it!
Rin: Wait, I am still thinking about...
Mio: Let's go! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Cue!
Rin: Ah, well... I am Shibuya Rin, 15 years old. I became an idol after being scouted.
Mio: Shiburin, appeal, appeal!
Rin: Eh... Then.. Ah, I have a dog. Her name is Hanako.
Mio: That's not enough, appeal!
Rin: Eh, more?
Uzuki: Rin chan, you can do it!
Rin: Well... other... Ah, I like cats too.
Mio, Uzuki: (Start laughing)
Mio: Shiburin is cute~
Rin: Ah, what? Why are you laughing?
Uzuki: Rin chan, you are cute!
Rin: Uzuki, you too...? Stop teasing me.
Mio: Ahahah. Sorry, Sorry. But I meant it. You were cute.
Rin: I said stop it...
Uzuki: We got a nice footage. Now, it's Mio chan's turn.
Mio: Hhng, yes. I prepared everything~ Tada!
Uzuki: Ah, Mio chan. Is that paper for your PR?
Rin: How many pages are they?
Mio: Let's see... About 10 pages?
Uzuki: That's incredible~
Rin: Sometimes Mio is pretty punctilious.
Mio: I might not look it, I am delicate~
Rin: I don't think so.
Mio: Shiburin can hit the nail right on the head! Ah, Shimamu. Do you know how to use this camera?
Uzuki: I am not sure but yes...
Rin: I can do it.
Mio: Then I'll leave it to Shiburin!
Uzuki: That's not nice Mio chan~
(Beeping sound)
Rin: Huh? Hey, I think the battery is almost out.
Uzuki: Eh? Ah, Mio chan. This camera is going to be turned off soon...
Mio: What? Wait, I'll make it quick. Ooh! I, I'm Honda Mio! I'm an idol. Nice to meet you. Cinderella Project is going to...
(Battery is out)

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