Monday, January 26, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 3

Uzuki: ...Hello? Ah, Rin? Sorry~ I left something in the project room... I'll be there soon, so wait at the cafe ok?...yeah, sorry.
(Uzuki Hangs up the phone)
Uzuki: Eheh. hnghnghng~
Producer: Shimamura san...
Uzuki: Heek! P..Producer san!? You were here all along!?
Producer: Yes...
Uzuki: I..I am so embarrassed... Did you see me singing...?
Producer: I am...sorry.
Uzuki: N, No! I am not angry or anything! Just embarrassed... Ehehe.
Producer: Shimamura san...
Uzuki: Yes! What is it?
Producer: Are you...alright?
Uzuki: Eh?...I don't know what you... Ah! You are worried about the severe muscle pain after a live concert that people talk about?
Producer: No. It's not...
Uzuki: It's not...? Then, What is it?
Producer: The schedule is too heavy due to the delayed project... Expecially the guest appearance in Jougasaki's concert was not on our plan.
Uzuki: Ah...I am really happy now!
Producer: ......
Uzuki: At first... I was uneasy. Even when I met the other project members for the first time, they were all cute and talented and...well... I wasn't sure about being an idol in this huge company.
Producer: ......
Uzuki: But thanks to the support of Rin and Mio, I managed to dance in the concert I've been dreamed of. And every member of the project is so kind... I, I am so happy!
Producer: Is it?
Uzuki: Eheheh. I am an anechan. Next time I get a chance to make an appearance in a concert with those two, I'll do my best so I can lead Mio and Rin!
Producer: Do your best.
Uzuki: OK! And, well...How do you think Producer san?
Producer: What do you mean?
Uzuki: Ah, Don't get me wrong! I am...not good at dancing compared to others, I don't have confidence in I wonder if I am good enough...
Producer: You are good enough.
Uzuki: R..Really!? I pleased!
Producer: Real idol activities has just started, Let's do our best.
Uzuki: Yes! Shimamura Uzuki, I'll do my best!
Producer: I' my best too.
(Rin opens the door)
Rin: Uzuki.
Uzuki: Ah, Rin!
Rin: Didn't you say you left something in the project room?
Uzuki: Ah! I forgot! W..Wait for a minute!
(Uzuki leaves the room)
Rin: What were you talking about?
Producer: It was about business
Rin: hmm...
Producer: Are you ok Shibuya san?
Rin: Business? Well, I am handling it after a sort.
Producer: I see...
Rin: Hey...
Producer: Yes?
Rin: No, it's nothing... Is there anything... you want to tell... me?
Producer: Tell... you? Do your best please.
Uzuki: Rin~ I found it~! Sorry for making you wait.
Rin: N,No. It's fine.
Uzuki: Producer san, Sorry to interrupt your work.
Producer: Not at all. You have a vocal lesson tomorrow, but I'll be busy. So ask Senkawa san for help.
Uzuki: I got it! Sorry Rin~
Rin: Ah, It's...ok. We are leaving producer.
Producer: See you again.
Uzuki: Rin, What were you talking about?
Rin: Ah... Yes, It was about business
Uzuki: Fufufu.
Rin: Why are you laughing?
Uzuki: You sound like the producer
Rin: What!? T...That's ridiculous..!
Uzuki: Fufufu, I've never seen you embarrassed like that.
Rin: Stop making fun of me... I am going to be treated to a fancy meal by you today
Uzuki: No problem~! I got pocket money.
(Bell is ringing)
Mio: Ah, you are late! I've waited too long.
Rin: Mio, It's Uzuki's treat today.
Uzuki: W..What!? W..Wait. Rin...!
Mio: You are so generous Shimamu~! I'll call my friends then.
Rin: Sounds good.
Uzuki: Ehet~!? W..Wait...! I..I don't think I can pay everything... Ah! Wait for me, Rin~ Mio~!


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    1. I am on it, but it will take some time

    2. thanks, these are really good.

  2. I love you, mate. Thanks for the audio translations.