Sunday, January 25, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 2

Miria: Kirari, Do you know this snack too? It's really delicious
Kirari: Thanks Miria~ ehehe
Miria: And this room is amazing! I can eat snacks as much as I want, good's like..
Kirari: Like?
Miria: It's like I am in a dream!
Kirari: YeahSometimes I feel like I am in a dream. but, but~
Miria: But, But?
Kirari: I am sure something fun will happen from now on. I met Miria and there are so many enjoyable things already
Miria: I, too, am glad to meet Kirari and Rika and Ranko and...and...anyway I am happy~
Kirari: Ehehe
Miria: Ehehe
(Door Opens)
Minami: Excuse m... no wait, Good morning. I am Nitta Minami.
Kirari: Hi~
Miria: Good morning.
Minami: Hi, Kirari san, Miria. FuFu, I am still not used to saying "Good morning (おはようございます)"...
Miria: Yeah, Yeah! Teacher told me I have to use "Good morning(おはよう)" in the morning.
Minami: FuFuFu, yeah. Ah, by the way, Did producer tell you that they are going to take our photos for advertisements tomorrow?
Miria: Photos for advertisements? We are in advertisements?
Minami: FuFuFu, No, 'we' are going to be advertised. In other words, photos we are going to use in idol activities
Miria: Waa~ Minami san, you look like a teacher!
Minami: I heard it from a friend in other department. Do you have any special outfits for the photo shoot, Kirari san?
Kirari: Kirari is same as usual. I am sure Anzu wears the usual attire too.
Miria: Anzu?
Kirari: Futaba Anzu!... wait, you haven't met her? She is like a cute fairy
Miria: Eh? There is a fairy in this building?
Minami: I saw her name on the entry list once, but that's all... I see.
Kirari: Well~ Anzu is~ probably hiding behind the couch, I suppose?
Miria: Behind the couch? Ahaha! Who does that~?
Kirari: I am sure we have one, Yap!
(Sound effect)
Anzu: mmm...
Miria&Minami: What!?
Kirari: Anzu, HiHi
Anzu: I was sound asleep...What is this?
Kirari: This is Futaba Anzu. Say hello~
Miria&Minami: N..Nice to meet you
Anzu: Nice to meet you... Well, that's that...
Minami: Ah, Wait! You are going to sleep again!?
Anzu: ...What?
Minami: I...well... I am Ntta Minami. Glad to meet you. Can I just call you Anzu?
Anzu: Who cares?
Miria: I am Akagi Miria. Eleven. You are of my age?
Anzu: Yeah, Yeah.
Kirari: I told you not to reply half-heartedly~ Anzu is a shy 17 year old girl~
Miria: What~!? I see...She is so small and cute!
Anzu: It feels weird when someone who is younger calls me cute. Well, Nice to meet you. I might like you if you did all the works for me.
Kirari: No way!
Miria: FuFuFu. Ah! What are you going to wear at the photo shoot?
Anzu: Hmm...Don't you think it's good enough?
Minami: Eh? That T-shirts..?
Anzu: Yeah! Your usual look is the best. I heard we are going to have new members tomorrow, you girls wear the usual...
Rest of them: What!? The last members!?
Anzu: ...well, you didn't know that?
Kirari: How do you know that?
Anzu: When I sleep here, I can hear this and that. Why, some say luck follows those who sleep.
Miria: I see! Are they older than me? Can I be a friend with them?
Minami: Finally all members are gathered...
Miria: Yeah! I wonder who they are?
Minami: I look forward to see them.
Miria: Yes, I can't wait!
Anzu: Hmm? Those are unexpected responses...
Kirari: Aren't you excited, Anzu?
Anzu: Well... More people means less work for me, so I expect that? Oh Yes! Those new members can work instead of me!
Kirari: Abababa, Anzu, you can't ask them to do your work!
Anzu: Then Kirari may replace Anzu!
Kirari: Kirari? hmm... Futaba Anzu, 17 year oldHow do I look, Anzu?
Anzu: Well...Let's just forget about it...
Kirari: What~!?
Anzu: Ok then, Sleep tight~
Kirari: Wait, Wait, Anzu. Something is not right!
Miria: Ahaha, Anzu is so funny. I hope new members are funny girls too, Minami san!
Minami: So do I. Now Cinderella Project is officially started... Ah!
Miria: What is it?
Minami: Now I have to put more efforts on the photo shoot tomorrow! I got to decide outfits fast...!
Kirari&Miria: Ahahaha!
Minami: Eh? Kirari san and Mirai, Why are you laughing?
Miria: Minami san...
Kirari&Miria: So cute~
Minami: I don't know why but I feel embarrassed~!

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