Saturday, January 24, 2015

Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls NO MAKE ep 1

Teacher: Uzuki, does this locker contain all your stuff?
Uzuki: Ah, Actually... I have more in the next locker.
Teacher: You have more?
Uzuki: Sorry. When Tomoyo quit this training school she told me I could use it. So I...
Teacher: It doesn't matter since we have a lot of empty lockers, but four sure have a lot of stuff.
Uzuki: Uh...Sorry.
Teacher: What's in this box?
Uzuki: Ah, nothing, It's nothing...!
Teacher: Why are you so embarrassed? Are there any love letters from boys by any chance?
UzukiI, I haven't got any~!
Teacher: FuFu, just kidding. Who would have this many love letters... Wait, that's not always true.
Uzuki: What? Not always true?
Teacher: Yes, You will get tons of letters in no time. Not love letters, but fan letters.
Uzuki: Fan letters...
Teacher: Sure.
Uzuki: Well...
Teacher: Yes?
UzukiI've never thought about it.
Teacher: It...? You mean fan letters?
UzukiYes. I just wanted to become an idol, so I learned how to dance and took vocal training without really thinking about what's ahead of me.
Uzuki : Heek!
Teahcer: Why do you look so depressed? Your dream of becoming an idol is finally coming true!
Uzuki: Teacher...
Teacher: I'm really happy. Your dedication and effort have finally born fruit...
Uzuki: Thank you teacher! I am so happy to hear such compliments from you...
Teacher: Shimamura!
Uzuki: Ah, Yes!
Teacher: FuFu, even the producer said your smile was cute. Now that you're going to see him every day, if you keep having that long face, he's not going to like it.
UzukiWell, no. He didn't say my smile was cute, he just said he liked my smile...!
Teacher: Nonsense!
Uzuki: Fuaaah!?
Teacher: You are really cute. From now on, be more confident and make your dream come true. I will be supporting you.
Uzuki: Yes! Shimamura Uzuki, I'll do my best!
Teacher: That's what I am talking about. I love your smile!
Uzuki: Ehehe. Thank you teacher.
Teacher: FuFu...but seriously, What's in the box? Is it your laundry...?
Uzuki: Ahh! It's nothing! Really!

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  1. Thanks for this, I've been looking for some translations for the drama tracks. Is this the one included in Uzuki's Cinderella Master CD?